Richard Hayter

3D-projected sets, manipulated to react to the dancer in real-time

Amazing art, all with a Wacom


Creative Director


Wacom, worldwide


2017 – 2018


Film content for owned channels and social media

With their new brand positioning – Live. Dare. Create – came the need for Wacom to re-establish just how daring creativity can be.

For years, Wacom’s communications revolved around illustration. And while illustrators are a key market for their products, they had defaulted to a narrow slice of that world; fantasy, sci-fi and borrowed interest.

We set out to show the creative industries just what can be achieved with Wacom’s products. We commissioned experimental 3D animation. We found a dance troupe that use Wacom tablets to create 3D projected sets, live. We asked an established 2D illustrator to paint in VR for the first time.

And we killed some scanners.

Death to scanners

A transformation by Future Deluxe

Creating in VR for the first time

McBess Undressed social content film