Richard Hayter

Bring Europe closer to Africa

“Call of Africa” 30" commercial

“Trick Shot” 10s

“Sky Shot” 10s

“Top Corner” 10s

“Beat the Drum” Facebook app. Create and download your own African Cup of Nations ringtone

Album of African dance tracks compiled as a POS incentive.


Art director, co-copywriter, creative director


Lebara Mobile, UK & Europe


Advertising, mobile, telecoms, integrated, TV

Brief: link Lebara Mobile with the excitement of the FIFA African Cup of Nations tournament in the hearts of African ex-pats living in Europe.

Idea: Bring the colour and sound of Africa to a cold, dreary Europe (the tournament was in January). Film the making of a musical mnemonic with a goal-full of drums from all over the continent.

Execution: 1x30" and 6x10" commercials that ran across Eurosport’s coverage of the tournament (7 countries, 5 languages). “Bang the Drum” Facebook app allowed fans to make their own beats and download them as ringtones. POS incentives included an album of emerging African dance artists that was given away with Lebara’s SIM cards. 

Director: Ron Scalpello at Rogue Films.