Richard Hayter

Give Stonewall a new mission

National press.

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Stonewall, UK


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With gay marriage finally being written into law, Stonewall faced an interesting problem – they had won. As Britain’s leading campaigners for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual rights, they had continually fought for equality for 25 years.

Now they had it, what was next? How about tackling the innate homophobia exists in most straight people (even those that try to repress it)?

The idea was to use people to whom most of the public defer to or trust – the police, soldiers, the clergy, doctors et al – and making them consider whether that role model’s sexuality should be of any importance.

Of course, it shouldn’t – but does it?

Stonewall chose to take this forward as an anti-workplace bullying campaign running across national press, public transport and other OOH sites in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff.