Richard Hayter

Back to normality. Only different.

Shoreditch super site.


Creative director


Samsung, UK


April 2021, June 2021


Outdoor advertising, social content

Remember April 2021? When we all thought COVID-19 was all but done? It was, we figured, the time to get out and live a normal life again, snapping and sharing all the things we used to love… but, Samsung hoped, on a new Galaxy S21.

Our ‘Again, but this time…’ campaign captured the things people had really missed. Five-a-side Saturdays, dating IRL, getting all gussied-up for a special occasion. We shot images in a deliberately accessible way, to echo how we capture our everyday lives with a smartphone. 

It doesn’t hurt to be optimistic, does it?

Piccadilly Circus.

Waterloo takeover.

Digital 6-sheet

Digital 6-sheet