Richard Hayter

20s VOD/social film

Thanks, Sir James. We’ll take it from here.


Co-writer, creative director


Samsung, UK


October 2021


Advertising, social content

Bagless vacuum cleaners brought a revolution in home cleaning, thanks to Sir James Dyson. But all bagless cleaners have an Achilles heel. That moment when you empty the dust canister and half of what you’ve swept up escapes into your clean home. Urgh. 

Well, Samsung fixed that with a system that sucks the dirt from your vacuum and seals it inside a biodegradable bag. And in doing so, they solved a modern phenomena which we christened ‘Dustface’. 

Our campaign, while made on a shoestring, had fun with the benefit of Samsung’s vacuums across VOD, press, OOH and social. 

(It really helps to have a good, old fashioned USP sometimes.)


Dustface at Piccadilly Circus.

Press and static outdoor (what were once called ‘posters’).

Press/poster for Jet Bot.